Current research

Rachael has spoken to Radio NZ and written a piece about the link between toutouwai spatial memory and reproductive success (Shaw et al. 2019 Current Biology):

Bird brained? Why memory matters for toutouwai | RNZ

A small New Zealand songbird that hides food for later use provides insights into cognitive evolution | The Conversation

Zealandia sanctuary and a dedicated team of experienced volunteers are supporting our new kākā research by banding chicks:

Milestone reached in sanctuary’s efforts to restore Kākā population | Māori Television

Selected coverage our toutouwai food-sharing study (Shaw et al. 2017 Scientific Reports):

‘Happy wife happy life’ for New Zealand robins | NZ Herald

Male robins can guess and satisfy their partner’s food cravings | New Scientist

Male robins cater to dietary whims of expectant mates | Daily Mail Online

Discover more about our research on general intelligence in toutouwai (Shaw et al. 2015 Animal Behaviour):

An IQ test for animals? | Science/AAAS | News

The IQ of robins | This Way Up, 12:45 pm on 3 October 2015 | Radio New Zealand

Bird Brains – Measuring the IQ of Bush Robins | Our Changing World, 9:06 pm on 18 December 2014 | Radio New Zealand

Watch, listen and read coverage of our discovery of the kiwi’s surprisingly destructive habits (Shaw & MacKinlay 2016 Notornis). View the footage here

Killer Kiwi | This Way Up, 12:25 pm on 5 December 2015 | Radio New Zealand

Deadly kiwi whacks robins on her turf – NZ Herald

A juvenile North Island robin at Zealandia (photo courtesy of Donald Laing).

A juvenile North Island robin at Zealandia (photo courtesy of Donald Laing).

Coverage of previous research


Anim. Cogn., 17, 1281-1288:

Bird burglars listen for loot | Science/AAAS | News

Sneaky Jays Look and Listen to Steal From Others | WIRED

Ecol. Evol., 24, 4500-4504:

Bad parenting could give zebra finches the evolutionary edge | The Conversation

Biol. Lett., 10:

Male Eurasian Jays Surprise Ornithologists | Biology |


PNAS110, 4123–4128:

Sensitive Males Provide Clues to Mind Reading in Birds | Science/AAAS | News

Gift-Giving Birds May Think Much Like People | WIRED


Proc. R. Soc. B, 280, 20122238:

You Eavesdroppin’ on Me? | Science/AAAS | News

Podcast: Scamming Seniors, Eavesdropping Birds, and Scanning the Skies for Secret Nuclear Tests | Science/AAAS | News

Study Finds Eurasian Jays Keep Quiet When Hiding Food |

Anim. Behav., 84, 1191–1200:

Clever jays switch food-finding tactics | BBC Nature.