A long overdue update

This site has been quiet since early 2020 (and there’s probably a pretty good reason for that…), but despite our silence online we’ve still been hard at work with our kākā and toutouwai research. Since our last update we have published a couple of papers, one showcasing the toutouwai’s prodigious long-term memory and another highlighting the difficulties of replicating cognition research in endangered species, as well as a short opinion piece on some cool parrot tool use research. If you check out the newly updated Student page, you can also see the range of cool projects that our group is currently working on! Finally, we have some exciting new projects on the horizon for 2021, including getting the first experiments for the ManyIndividuals network up and running, developing AI based methods to recognise individual kākā and developing fear based strategies for reducing cat predation (an MBIE Smart Ideas project).


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